A downloadable game for Windows and Android

NEW! The Beta Android APK is now LIVE! Try it! :D
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3 "V3" It contain 8 direction movement and less bug!!!

The 3D and HD Remaster of the first Adventure Field™ made by LilBen from WathitdewRecord™ with RPG Maker XP in 2008. In this remaster you will relive the first ever chapter of the franchise entirely remade and upgraded in a magestic 60 fps. Be part of the legend!

( Please read )

This game is free for all and will never generate money or profit.

There is assets in the game that we don't own, All rights go to there respective owner.

Good Game!

Install instructions

The game will install in your document folder. If the game don't want to start at all run it in compatibility mode '' windows 8 ''...

When your going to click on the installer to install the game after the download is finished, Windows will likely tell you that this application is not recognized and that running this application may put your pc at risk. Ignore that message and click on more info and click run anyway.

This happen when your not an registered developer on windows.


Adventure Field™ 3D Remaster Installer V3.exe 253 MB
AdventureField™ 3D Remaster Installer.exe 281 MB
AdventureField 3D Remaster.apk 369 MB