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Adventure Field™ 3

An sword is send to the future from the past and you find it. You get teleport to Sarook, an kingdom long forgotten. Not so forgotten because its the same place but 1100 b.c. You have to fight your way home with no real promisees of success. Dungeon after dungeon, Boss after boss your collect symbol power. 2 Men make a team with you and guide you trough all this mess.

It is an side view battle RPG. You can use many spells unlocked by

leveling up and spend the level points in the SkillsGrid. You can forge

weapon, you can make potion, you can fish, you can mine and mining

level go up to lv:45, you can have a house that you can decorate with

house supply. There even achievement that you can unlock trough the

game. And there an new game + after the game. The game have almost

25 hours of gameplay.This is an classic RPG in the taste

of the super Nintendo era.

( You can use a controller to play the game )

Install instructions

When your going to click on the installer to install the game after the download is finished, Windows will likely tell you that this application is not recognized and that running this application may put your pc at risk. Ignore that message and click on more info and click run anyway.

This happen when your not an registered developer on windows.


AdventureField™ 3 Vr. 446 MB

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